White Gold (2017-)

2017 | UK | Damon Beesley | ★★★★

Starring Ed Westwick, James Buckley, and Joe Thomas, Damon Beesley's profanely funny White Gold is an '80s-set comedy series about awful people doing awful things, featuring strong performances, memorable dialogue, and a cracking soundtrack.


"Britain, the early ‘80s. At Cachet Windows, the stakes are high and so are the staff. Vincent Swan, Cachet’s head of sales, excels at selling his favourite product – himself. Martin Lavender has a university degree, which in the world of sales is as much use as an aerated condom. Brian Fitzpatrick is an excellent liar with no principles: he makes a pretty good salesman. And then there’s Carol, Britain’s lousiest receptionist. They are getting filthy rich thanks to uPVC double-glazing, a dirt-cheap alternative to timber. To you and me, it’s just plastic. To them, it’s white gold." 2entertain