Things Are Not as They Appear (2016)

2016 | UK | Andrew Kötting | ★★★★

Andrew Kötting's gorgeously crafted Things Are Not as They Appear is a discomforting experimental animated short film, shot on Super 8 using only in-camera editing, comprised of an odd mix of madcap and melancholy elements.


"Made for straight 8's 2016 competition with a Nizo Pro on one cartridge of kodak vision3 200t super 8 film with only in-camera edits and no post-production. The film premiered on June 5th 2016 at straight 8's Vue Piccadilly screening. Straight 8 is open to anyone at The work might be seen as a mash-up of the films 'It's All in the Mind' - 'All at Sea' - 'Combat' - 'Black Apples' and 'Buoyed by the Irrelevance of Their Own Insignificance'. Drawings and paintings by Eden Kötting and animations by Glenn Whiting. The sound includes elements by Jem Finer and Buster Grey-Jung." Andrew Kötting