Symbol (2009)

2009 | Japan | Matsumoto Hitoshi | ★★★★

Matsumoto Hitoshi's hugely entertaining, utterly bonkers Symbol is a wild, abstruse Japanese comedy, featuring wacky, colourful imagery, unfathomably fun plotting, and a cartoonishly full-blooded central performance from the director himself.


"In the central tale, a Japanese man wakes up alone in a brightly illuminated white room with no windows or doors. When he presses a mysteriously phallic protuberance that appears on one wall, a pink toothbrush materializes from nowhere, setting in motion a very strange series of events. And now for something completely different: TV comedian turned director Hitoshi Matsumoto and his hilarious, oddball, upside down approach to popular filmmaking. One man (Matsumoto!) is trapped in a room; another, a Mexican wrestler, starts his day. Only pure ingenuity could connect them together." Mubi