Klipperty Klöpp (1984)

1984 | UK | Andrew Kötting | ★★★★★

The incomparable Andrew Kötting's hilariously bizarre, bizarrely hilarious Klipperty Klöpp is an absurdist experimental short film, comprised of a scuzzily shot performance piece accompanied by ironic commentary and incongruous music.


"Shot by Leila McMillan, (ongoing collaborator and lover) with 8 rolls of Super 8 mfa, the film is perhaps my first. A post punk piece of pagan sensibility, complete with bestiality, buggery and boundless energy, the film combines frenetic performance in a field with a monotonous one take recital and tune full songs. Perhaps inspired by Beckett and as a reaction to some of the preciousness of the Land Art tradition as exemplified by Richard Long and Hamish Fulton." Andrew Kötting

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