Klipperty Klöpp 2 (2017)

2017 | UK | Andrew Kötting | ★★★★

Featuring performance artist Yumino Seki, Andrew Kötting's Klipperty Klöpp 2 is a discomforting remake of his 1984 absurdist masterpiece Klipperty Klöpp, featuring a gender-switched protagonist and a decided change of tone.


"Artist and film-maker Andrew Kötting re-vists his graduation film Klipperty Klöpp. A post punk piece of pagan sensibility in which a man repeatedly and energetically runs round and round in circles on common ground in Gloucestershire chasing a painting of a horse - part Benny Hill part Joseph Beuys. In the re-make Kötting's protagonist is a woman moving very slowly within the almost identical landscape to exactly the same soundtrack. Married up shot for shot with the original super 8 footage, Kötting sees the work as a digital artefact dug up and re-presented 33 years after the event." Andrew Kötting