Les Invisibles (2012)

Les invisibles
2012 | France | Sébastien Lifshitz | ★★★★

Sébastien Lifshitz's remarkably positive and uplifting Les Invisibles is a simple, elegant documentary about sexuality, intolerance, and ageing, exploring the remarkable lives, in their own words, of several elderly gay French people.


"Eleven men and women born between the wars. Seemingly they have nothing in common except their homosexuality and growing up in a less open, more intolerant society. Now in their 60s and 70s, they tell their personal stories, either shared or alone. These lives are often revealing and pioneering as they recall their personal experiences. Sébastien Lifshitz, director of 'Presque Rien' and 'Wild Side', offers us intimate portraits of gay and lesbian life from an older generation who often remain ignored and unheard in a youth-obsessed society. Winner of the César Award for Best Documentary, and nominated for the BFI London Film Festival Grierson Award, 'Les Invisibles' is an affectionate but frank account that is in turn touching and amusing, reflecting our own concerns about growing old." Peccadillo Pictures