Manchester by the Sea (2016)

2016 | USA | Kenneth Lonergan | ★★★★

Kenneth Lonergan's crushingly sad Manchester by the Sea is a sensitively handled film about guilt and grief, featuring striking, wintry photography, bold (if occasionally unsubtle) scoring, and powerful (though unshowy) performances from its well assembled cast, in particular from Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams.


"In Manchester by the Sea, the latest film from award-winning writer and director Kenneth Lonergan, the life of a solitary Boston janitor is transformed when he returns to his hometown to take care of his teenage nephew. The story of the Chandlers, a working-class family living in a Massachusetts fishing village for generations, Manchester by the Sea is a deeply poignant, unexpectedly funny exploration of the power of familial love, community, sacrifice and hope." Amazon Studios/Roadside Attractions