Dheepan (2015)

2015 | France | Jacques Audiard | ★★★★

French film-maker Jacques Audiard's Dheepan is a fascinating social drama that unnervingly morphs into an increasingly nightmarish thriller, featuring strong direction, unpredictable scripting, and painfully convincing performances.


"From acclaimed director Jacques Audiard (A Prophet, Rust and Bone) comes the powerful story of Dheepan, a Sri Lankan Tamil warrior who is forced to flee to France to escape the civil war, posing as a family with a woman and young girl he has never previously met. Finding work as a caretaker of a housing block in the suburbs of Paris, Dheepan works to build a new life and home for his ‘wife’ and ‘daughter’, but the daily violence he confronts quickly reopens the violence from his past, and he is left fighting for their livelihood, and eventually their lives." Studiocanal