Bridget & Eamon (2016-)

2016 | Ireland | ButlerZamparelli, & O’Shea | ★★★★★

Jason Butler, Jennifer Zamparelli, & Bernard O’Shea's trouser-soilingly funny Bridget & Eamon is an unashamedly silly yet wildly inventive '80s-set Irish sitcom, featuring hilarious period detail, wonderfully absurd comic situations, instantly quotable dialogue, and inspired performances.


"Bridget & Eamon are your typical unhappily married 80s Irish couple. They live somewhere in the Irish Midlands with their indeterminate number of children. Chain-smoking Bridget has notions. She wants the lifestyle from the pages of Woman’s Way but wouldn’t want to think about how much it would cost to heat South Fork. The show set in the 1980s stars Jennifer Zamparelli as Bridget and Bernard O’Shea as Eamon in roles already massively popular in sketches on Republic of Telly and online with millions of views." RTÉ

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