Brandy for the Parson (1952)

1952 | USA | John Eldridge | ★★

Based on Geoffrey Household's 1952 short story of the same name, John Eldridge's well-cast, Dorset and Devon-located Brandy for the Parson is a gentle but seldom amusing rural/maritime smuggling farce with few redeeming qualities.


"British comedy about a young couple who accidentally get involved in brandy smuggling. Bill Harper (James Donald) and Petronilla Brand (Jean Lodge) are on a yachting holiday together when they meet Tony Rackham (Kenneth More), who is smuggling brandy from France to a wine merchants in London. Through a series of mishaps and misadventures, Bill and Petronilla find themselves responsible for transporting the brandy kegs to London, whilst being doggedly pursued officials from Customs and Excise." Slam Dunk Media