Time Out (1983)

1983 | USA | Twilight Zone | John Landis | ★★★

The only part not a based on an episode from Rod Serling's original 1960s anthology series, John Landis's Time Out is a bold and well-made if somewhat ill-conceived Twilight Zone movie segment, soiled by real-life tragedy.


"Bill Connor is bitter after being passed over for a promotion in favor of a Jewish co-worker. Drinking in a bar after work with his friends, Bill utters slurs towards Jews, Blacks, and Asians. A Black man sitting nearby asks him to stop. Bill leaves the bar angrily, but when he walks outside, he finds himself in occupied France during World War II. A pair of SS officers patrolling the streets interrogate him. Bill cannot answer satisfactorily since he does not speak German. A chase ensues, and Bill ends up on the ledge of a building, where he is shot at by the officers." Wikipedia

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