Kick the Can (1983)

1983 | USA | Twilight Zone | Steven Spielberg | ★★

Based on George Clayton Johnson's 1962 episode of the original series, Steven Spielberg's Kick the Can is a sentimental Twilight Zone movie segment that disappoints despite memorable performances from Scatman Crothers, Murray Matheson, et al.


"An old man named Mr. Bloom has just moved into Sunnyvale Retirement Home. He listens to the other elders reminisce about the joys they experienced in their youth. Mr. Bloom says just because they are old does not mean they cannot enjoy life anymore. He tells them that later that night, he will wake them and that they can join him in a game of kick the can. Leo Conroy objects, saying that now that they are all old they cannot engage in physical activity. While Mr. Conroy sleeps, Mr. Bloom gathers the rest of the residents outside and plays the game, during which they are transformed into childhood versions of themselves." Wikipedia

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