Brewster's Millions (1985)

1985 | USA | Walter Hill | ★★★★

Starring Richard Pryor and John Candy, Walter Hill's Brewster's Millions is a decidedly unsubtle yet often riotously funny adaptation of George Barr McCutcheon's much-filmed 1902 novel, featuring some great comic performances and plenty of delicious satire.


"Richard Pryor stars in the title role of this adaptation of George Barr McCutcheon's novel. Minor league baseball player Montgomery Brewster stands to inherit $300 million from his recently deceased great-uncle, but only if he can first spend $30 million in 30 days without letting anyone in on the reason. If he fails, the fortune will instead be divided amongst charities with his law firm taking a large cut for their services. As he gets to grips with the value of money, Brewster's task proves much harder than he'd imagined, even with the assistance of his teammate Spike Nolan (John Candy)." Universal Pictures