Against the Law (2017)

2017 | UKBrian Fillis★★★★

Screened as part of the BBC's Gay Britannia season, Brian Fillis's beautifully crafted, '50s-set Against the Law is a powerful historical docudrama, featuring sobering talking heads testimony from several elderly gay men and a great central performance from the ever-wonderful Daniel Mays.


"Against the Law follows the affair between celebrated Fleet Street journalist Peter Wildeblood and serviceman Eddy McNally. The exposure of their relationship had devastating consequences, leading to public vilification and prison sentences for Wildeblood and his friends Michael Pitt-Rivers and Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. Enduring a year-long incarceration that involved attempts to alter his sexual orientation, Wildeblood emerged with a determination to challenge the draconian laws that shattered the lives of generations of gay men." Network

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