This Is Not an Olive Tree (2017)

Esto no es un olivo
2017 | Spain | Carlos Arteiro | ★★★

Filmed to mimic the effects of a tree-shaking harvester, Carlos Arteiro's This Is Not an Olive Tree is an interesting but underdeveloped experimental short film that proves stimulating on a formal level, but unengaging on an intellectual one.


"A theoretical exercise can stem from a physical one: using the camera as if it was the vibrating device placed on the olive trees for the harvest of its fruit, the final result is a series of original and intriguing images. The camera shakes, gets in and out of focus, and we don’t exactly know what is happening. At first this is a strange disorientation, but then you get used to it through the cyclical mechanical noise that joins the images. The words of a peaceful female voice allows you to frame the film: a visual exercise after all can also be free." Festival Scope