Forgotten the Queen (2017)

2017 | UK | Andrew Kötting | ★★★★

Father and daughter Andrew & Eden Kötting's delightful Forgotten the Queen is an experimental animated short companion piece to the feature length Edith Walks (2017), filled with striking, quietly challenging sights, sounds, and musings.


"Forgotten the Queen is a short animated film that digs into themes inspired by the life of Edith Swan Neck. Eden’s drawings and collages are brought to life by Glenn Whiting and tossed into the time-line like flotsam from a demented passion. Meantime Edith’s eyes fix on the man-shadows overhead, resplendent in their didactic belief systems and stupid hats, which seem to have blighted women since the beginning of time. King Harold would not have approved because despite the fact that time itself can touch you like a feather, stupid men keep firing their bloody arrows." Andrew Kötting