All Small Bodies (2017)

Alle kleinen Körper
2017 | Germany | Jennifer Reeder | ★★

Jennifer Reeder's unengaging All Small Bodies is a short post-apocalyptic fairy tale, buoyed by interesting editing and intriguing plotting, but fatally hamstrung by stilted performances, bland photography, and a distracting score.


"All Small Bodies' is a feminist, sci-fi take on the Grimm tale of Hansel and Gretel. It occurs in the distant future among the ruins of a planetary catastrophe, revealing the abuses of history and technology. In the wake of the chaotic aftermath, there are several resilient survivors including two young girls named Z and Bub. The film follows these curious adolescents who have long been lost and alone in the haunted, other-worldly woods, as they awaken their extrasensory abilities and reclaim their autonomy from a menacing dark presence." Festival Scope