Spot the Microdot (1969)

1969 | UK | Malcolm Le Grice | ★★★

British painter turned avant-garde film-maker Malcolm Le Grice's Spot the Microdot is a mildly stimulating experimental short film that was created by punching holes into opaque 16mm film stock and underlaying with discs of colour.


"This film is made basically by punching circular holes into fully opaque film stock (16mm magnetic sound recording film), and laying discs of colour film into some of the punched holes. The holes are punched in a series of mathematically controlled systems, and the choices of colour etc are largely used to identify these systems. The use of opaque film is essential to allow the maximum difference between image and the absence of it. It is a film which is concerned with primarily exploring the links between perceptual experience, and the conceptual structuring of that experience. This is the most 'scientific' or objective film I have yet made, exploring most directly the possibility of the link between a performance, and an 'experimental' attitude in the viewer of the film." Malcolm Le Grice