Embrace of the Serpent (2015)

El abrazo de la serpiente
2015 | Colombia | Ciro Guerra | ★★★★★

Ciro Guerra's remarkable, multi award-winning Embrace of the Serpent provides an exotic, mystical odyssey through the Colombian Amazon, with stunning monochrome photography, strong performances, and enigmatic plotting.


"Karamakate, a warrior shaman and last of his tribe, transcends the worlds of men and seeks truth through their dreams. He alone knows how to find the mysterious and psychedelic Yakruna plant; for some it has life-saving properties, for others it is a commodity waiting to be exploited. Two scientists, in two different times with very different agendas enlist Karamakate on their individual quests in an epic adventure into the heart of the Colombian Amazon to find this mythical plant. This Oscar nominated film is seen through Karamakate’s eyes and bears witness to the effects of colonialism, religion and the exploitation of rubber, that affect indigenous traditions and the environment to which they are inextricably linked." Saffron Hill

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