Easter Parade (1948)

1948 | USA | Charles Walters | ★★★★★

Charles Walters's delightful Easter Parade is a hugely entertaining, utterly charming musical, filled with wonderful song and dance numbers, gorgeously colourful sets and costumes, and a pair of typically great performances from Astaire and Garland.


"Fred Astaire came out of retirement to star in this musical, playing one half of a dance team who is ditched by his partner. Deciding he can make a star out of anyone he wants, he chooses a lowly chorus girl (Judy Garland) as his new partner. Songs include 'A Couple of Swells', 'Stepping Out With My Baby' and 'Shaking the Blues Away'. Also starring Ann Miller and Peter Lawford, with an appearance by a 2-year-old Liza Minelli." Warner Bros

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