Watership Down (1978)

1978 | UK | Martin Rosen | ★★★★

Based on the 1972 Richard Adams novel, Martin Rosen's Watership Down is a brutal and moving animated feature, packed with unforgettable imagery and sensitive voice-work from the starry likes of John Hurt and Richard Briers.


"Nestled among the rolling hills and peaceful meadows of England lives a community of rabbits. When their warren is threatened, a small group of brave rabbits escapes into the unknown countryside in search of a new home. Led by the visionary Fiver, the courageous Bigwig, the clever Blackberry, and the honourable Hazel, they face daunting challenges, and use their strength and cunning to survive, while pursuing their dreams. Along their trek, they make an unlikely friend – a loony seagull named Kehaar – and battle the vicious General Woundwort, the cruel leader of another warren." Universal Pictures