The Trip to Spain (2017)

2017 | UK | CooganBrydonMichael Winterbottom | ★★★★

Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon's The Trip to Spain is a perceptive and funny six-part comedy drama/culinary travelogue about ageing, friendship, and jealousy, packed with excellent celebrity impersonations, witty conversations, beautiful scenery, and mouth-watering dishes.


"Just as Don Quixote undertook three journeys, so Steve and Rob will set off on a third jaunt of their own, this time travelling over 1,000 miles down the entire length of Spain. Following in the footsteps of poet and novelist Laurie Lee, Steve and Rob's semi-fictional alter-egos hit the road in search of culture, history, breath-taking vistas and, of course, some of the finest food in Europe. All the while serving up sparkling free-flowing conversation, peppered with barbed back-and-forths, in-car singalongs and their peerless trademark impersonations." 2entertain