Pietà (1998)

1998 | USA / Austria | Bruce Baillie | ★★★★★

Created as the trailer for the 1998 Vienna International Film Festival, American avant-gardist Bruce Baillie's transcendental Pietà is a sublimely sensuous, soul-strokingly beautiful short film, filled with utterly gorgeous sights and sounds.


"Three images, three colorful longer takes: the black silhouettes of playing children, a dense swarm of birds and a mother breast-feeding her baby, all shot at the last light of day. Pietà is a cinematic haiku, whose wonderful and at the same time everyday images seemingly aim to express pure love of life and the world, while bathing everything in a deeply melancholic mood. Baillie’s images may easily appear cliché-ridden to us. Yet it is especially the naivety and vulnerability of such visual emblems that raises silent hope that they are (not only as spots) still possible in cinema today." Viennale

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