My Learned Friend (1943)

1943 | UK | Will Hay & Basil Dearden | ★★★★★

Will Hay's hilarious final film My Learned Friend is a wonderfully written, lovingly crafted serial-killer comedy par excellence, featuring a trio of outstanding performances from the great northern comedian and cohorts Claude Hulbert and Mervyn Johns.


"William Fitch (Will Hay, in his last film) is a disbarred barrister now summoned to court to face charges of sending begging letters. Falling back on his legal skills, Fitch manages to make mincemeat of the cross examining lawyer, Claude Babbington (Claude Hulbert), and is found not guilty. However, this lucky streak does not last for long; a madman Fitch helped put in prison years earlier has now escaped, and is out for revenge. Fitch turns to Claude for help, but the pair fail to convince the constabulary that there is a real threat to Fitch's life, and are forced to track down the convict themselves." Ealing Studios

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