Lovesick (2014-)

Scrotal Recall
Tom Edge's wittily engaging Lovesick is a bawdy, intricately plotted comedy series with a tender, bittersweet heart, packed with charismatic star turns and memorable guest appearances.


"Dylan (Johnny Flynn) is diagnosed with chlamydia and must contact all of his previous sexual partners to inform them that he has the disease. Dylan's best friends are Luke (Daniel Ings), and Evie (Antonia Thomas), who for years has harboured a secret crush on Dylan but has now moved on and has become recently engaged. The majority of each episode of the show is told through a flashback, showing Dylan's encounters with a number of women." Wikipedia

File under: 2014, 2016, UKTom Edge, Andy Baker, Ed Macdonald, Gordon Anderson, Elliot Hegarty