Gunga Din (1939)

1939 | USA | George Stevens | ★★

Leavened somewhat by humour and the easy charm of its stars, George Stevens's Gunga Din nevertheless proves to be nothing more than an unpleasant colonial adventure.


"The British send three of their best men to investigate when a patrol is massacred by Hindu fanatics intent on reviving the ancient murder-religion of the Thuggee. Sergeants MacChesney, Cutter, and Ballantine and their water-carrier, young Gunga Din barely escape their first encounter with the bloodthirsty enemy. After they are captured they employ a clever ruse to escape, and take the Thuggee leader as their prisoner. With British reinforcements approaching, they discover their comrades are walking into a trap. In an incredible act of bravery, Gunga Din, wounded from battle, crawls to a temple dome and blows his bugle to warn the soldiers." Warner Bros