Gunga Din (1939)

1939 | USA | George Stevens | ★★

Leavened somewhat by humour and the easy charm of its stars, George Stevens's Gunga Din – based on Rudyard Kipling's book of short stories Soldiers Three – nevertheless proves itself little more than an unpleasant colonial adventure.


"The British send three of their best men to investigate when a patrol is massacred by Hindu fanatics intent on reviving the ancient murder-religion of the Thuggee. Sergeants MacChesney, Cutter, and Ballantine and their water-carrier, young Gunga Din barely escape their first encounter with the bloodthirsty enemy. After they are captured they employ a clever ruse to escape, and take the Thuggee leader as their prisoner. With British reinforcements approaching, they discover their comrades are walking into a trap. In an incredible act of bravery, Gunga Din, wounded from battle, crawls to a temple dome and blows his bugle to warn the soldiers." Warner Bros