Chicken Heart (2002)

2002 | Japan | Shimizu Hiroshi | ★★★★

Shimizu Hiroshi's hugely likeable Chicken Heart is a hilariously bizarre comedy starring Ikeuchi Hiroyuki, Imawano Kiyoshirō, and Matsuo Suzuki, featuring interesting visuals, notable performances, and a melancholically tender finale.


"Former boxer Iwano, teamed up with Sada and Maru, who live in the same apartment building, makes his daily living as a punching bag for drunken businessmen in some corner of the amusement quarters. The three have continuously avoided putting themselves in a situation that could tie them down, especially Iwano, who is totally clueless about what he wants to do with his life. One day, they receive notice that their apartment building will be torn down. As a compensation for the eviction, their remaining rent is considered as settled. Having lost their place to live, the three each try to find their way." TMDb