An American Werewolf in London (1981)

1981 | UK | John Landis | ★★★★★

John Landis's hugely entertaining An American Werewolf in London is a wonderfully scary, romantically sexy, and blackly funny werewolf picture, featuring great effects, memorable dialogue, and a truly unforgettable ending, driven by Jenny Agutter's touching performance.


"American students David Kessler (David Naughton) and Jack Goodman (Griffin Dunne) are spending their holidays backpacking around England. Seeking shelter from a storm at unwelcoming Yorkshire inn 'The Slaughtered Lamb', the pair are soon spooked by the unwelcoming locals, who nonetheless warn them not to stray from the road. Sure enough, the duo become lost on the moors and are attacked by a savage animal. Jack is killed, but when David wakes in a London hospital weeks later he is told that his attacker was in fact a rampaging madman. Already shocked and confused, David is horrified to receive a visit from the rotting corpse of an undead Jack, who informs him that the creature which attacked them was in fact a werewolf. Unless David kills himself he will fall prey to the monster's curse at the next full moon, and transform into a savage killer..." Universal Pictures

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